Plastazote Foam Double-Mount Blocks

Ento Sphinx
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Foam double-mount blocks are used in conjunction with minuten pins, to display or store tiny insects.

One end of the minuten is inserted in the insect, and the other end is inserted in a small piece of foam (plastazote). A regular insect pin, with a label, is inserted in the other end of the piece of foam.

Glue boards and minutens are both used to deal with arthropods that are too tiny to pin in the usual way. Due to their “fluffy” surface, micro-moths are usually pinned with minutens, not glued onto glue boards as “fluff” interferes with the ability to glue the sample properly. Beetles, on the other hand, are typically displayed on glue boards. Flies and wasps can be treated either way. This is partially a matter of preference and partially a consideration of the exact specimen being displayed.

Packs of 100 pieces

4 x 4 x 12 mm