Plastazote, Fixed, Flat Spreading Board

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Spreading boards come in a variety of materials, sizes and styles.

Plastazote is easier on the fingers - pins slide in like a hot knife in butter! A good board for the younger crowd.

Angled boards are the most commonly used; with the wings in an angled position, the insect has a more "lifelike" appearance. However, this is (as always) a matter of preference. For some moths and butterflies, the flatter appearance can "show off" the wing pattern more clearly.

Flat plastazote spreading boards come in the following six sizes:

30 x 4cm, groove 4mm.

30 x 6cm, groove 6mm.

30 x 8cm, groove 8mm.

30 x 10cm, groove 10mm.

30 x 12cm, groove 12mm.

30 x 14cm, groove 14mm.