Insect Nets

Catching specimens generally requires a good trap or a good net.


There are a lot of inexpensive nets available from a wide variety of suppliers for the entry-level or younger entomologist. Or for the enthusiast with a destructive swing who prefers an inexpensive throwaway. As these “fast fashion” versions are so readily available, we have not stocked them at this time.


All of our nets can be considered as longer-term “keepers”. When parts wear out, they can be replaced. Definitely not inexpensive, but good value for the money.


Most nets are in three parts:

1. handles

2. rings or frames

3. net bags


Currently, we are only selling our aluminum Build-A-Handle components.


Build-A-Handle components are a bit of the best of both worlds.  The length can be adjusted as desired, and components added or removed as needed.  One piece or many -- the choice is yours.


All of the net rings we carry are collapsible. Easy to ship. Once the bag is installed on the ring, these are not easy to collapse. Note: these are not toy nets. Given a reasonable amount of care, they should last for years. (Reasonable care... do not use to catch the neighbour’s cat.)


Net bags come in a number of colours: black, white and khaki.

Generally, if you look into the bag for your specimens, choose a white bag. Easy to see. Downside: white shows “ick” faster. Think squashed bugs, bug poop etc.

If you look through the bag to identify something caught, a black bag is usually preferred. Hides “ick” very well.

Khaki blends with the plant life better. If you are a slow-moving catcher, this just might be the bag for you. “Ick” hiding ability moderate.


Net bags come in two lengths – short and long.  Actual length is dependent on diameter.


Tropic net bags have a bottomless inner liner as an aid to trapping insects. Think harder to escape. Tropic nets are only available in 65cm (ca. 25.5") diameter.