Glue Boards (Pre-cut Points)

We have noticed that a number of visitors are searching for point punches.  To date, we have not been able to find a reasonably-priced source for these punches.  We are continuing to search!

At this time, we have decided to add glue boards (i.e. pre-cut points) to our inventory, in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Available in bristol (heavy-weight paper) and plastic. 

Glue boards are used for really small insects.  The specimen is glued to one end using a water- or alcohol-soluble adhesive.  A pin is inserted in the other end of the glue board, allowing for handling and displaying of the specimen.  Without the destruction or obliteration of the specimen by the pin.

We carry glue boards in the following shapes and sizes (note that all measurements are in mm):


L-shaped - 15x5

Pointed -  11x4 and 15x5

Rectangular - 8x4, 9x6, 11x4, 11x6, 11x8, 13x10, 15x6, 15x10, 18x7 and 18x11

Triangular - 11x5, 12x7 and 13x8



Pointed - 11x4

Rectangular - 11x4, 14x5, 14x8, 18x7, 18x9


Please note:  if you do not see a size that you want, please let us know!  We will try to get it for you.


Glue boards are sold in packages of ca. 100.