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Build-A-Handle nets now available!


Adjustable Spreading Boards

Spreading boards come in a variety of materials, sizes and styles. Typical... 

Preparation Pins

Preparation pins have various head colours, and the heads can be either... 

Black Enamel Insect Pins

Insect pins come in two materials:  black enameled steel or stainless steel. ... 

Coming Soon!

Setting/Dissection Needles

Glassine Triangles

Pergamine Setting Strips

  • Paradox, Preparation Pins, 30mm, 100pcs

    We have tried out a wide variety of preparation pins over a number of
    years and have found Paradox to be the winner.  While others are quite
    good, these are the kindest to fingers if you are doing a lot of

    Paradox, Preparation Pins, 30mm, 100pcs 
  • Plastazote Spreading Boards

    Economical boards in a variety of sizes.
    These boards are an excellent and cost-effective choice for those who are new to insect collecting/displaying.
    Since pins slide easily into Plastazote, these boards are also a great finger-friendly choice for those who do a lot of pinning.

    Plastazote Spreading Boards 
  • Entochrysis Pins

    Excellent Czech-made pins at a reasonable price!
    Available in black enamel and stainless steel, in sizes from 000 to 7.

    Entochrysis Pins 
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