Why vials?  Some arthropods cannot be dried without decomposing, for example isopods and spiders.  Such specimens can, however, be stored and preserved in alcohol. 

All vials come with caps.  The lining on the regular caps provides a reasonable seal, and the vials work well for shorter-term storage.  If longer-term storage is the goal, you should probably consider Taperseal vials.  Knocked over, these do not easily leak, but the caps are somewhat less robust than the Taperseal.  A very good vial.

Taperseal caps have an inner "cone-shaped" LDPE liner inside a black phenolic cap.  The shape of the liner and the relatively moldable LDPE provide an excellent seal.  If you are prone to knocking things over, these are definitely the vials for you!  We tested these by filling with alcohol and leaving the vial on its side for weeks.  We did not observe any leaking or seepage and the contents did not discolour due to contact with the cap.  An excellent vial.

Vials come in a variety of sizes from the incredibly cute to the substantial workhorse.  We also offer mixed packs for those who need a bit of everything.