Glass Vials with Regular Caps

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Why vials?  Some arthropods cannot be dried without decomposing, for example isopods and spiders.  Such specimens can, however, be stored and preserved in alcohol. 

Sold in packs of 10

All vials come with caps.  The lining on the regular caps provides a reasonable seal, and the vials work well for shorter-term storage.  If longer-term storage is the goal, you should probably consider Taperseal vials.  Knocked over, these do not easily leak, but the caps are somewhat less robust than the Taperseal.  A very good vial.

Sizes start with the a 1/2 dram vial (tiny but useful), through to a 4 dram.

If you're unsure what you need, or if you need a range of sizes, we do offer a mixed pack containing one of each size of vial.

Offered in 4 sizes (all dimensions in mm):

Volume Vial Diam Cap Diam Height (including cap) Height to shoulder Neck Opening
1/2 dram 15 16 28 18 8
1 dram 15 16 48 38 8
2 dram 17 18 64 51 10
4 dram 20 21 72 60 12