Preparation Pins

Preparation pins have various head colours, and the heads can be either plastic or glass.  Not used for storage or display, these pins are intended for the manipulation of and positioning of the specimen while it is drying.

Preparation pins come in two different lengths:  30mm and 44mm, with the larger pins being slightly larger in diameter as well.  The size you choose will depend on your specimens.

Preparation pins look a lot like tailor's (dressmaker's) pins.  However, they tend to slide in wood much more easily than tailor's pins (we've tried!).  Which means they probably slide better in fabric, too. 

If you have a preferred pin (of any kind), it is recommended that you keep them out of reach of sewing hobbyists.  Or not.  We are more than willing to supply their needs as well!

On another note:  should we or should we not source out thimbles?  Do they help?  We welcome questions and comments, see our Contact Us page.