A good pair of forceps makes manipulating your specimen so much easier!  The most important feature of a pair of forceps is the "close".  Forceps that do not close snugly or close crookedly are the bane of a specimen preparer's existence.  Before we add any forceps to our site, we check the "close".  We want you to be happy with your forcep purchase.

Pinning forceps are also called gooseneck forceps.  Toothed to help grip the pin.  Not meant to handle the specimen as the teeth may cause damage.  Useful for sliver removal.

Spade-tipped forceps (also called butterfly forceps) are used to (gently!) move wings and legs to allow you to show your specimen to its greatest advantage.  Blunt and toothless to reduce damage to delicate tissues.  Totally useless for sliver removal.