Plastazote, Fixed, Angled Spreading Board

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Spreading boards come in a variety of materials, sizes and styles.

Plastazote is easier on the fingers - pins slide in like a hot knife in butter! A good board for the younger crowd.

Angled boards are the most commonly used; with the wings in an angled position, the insect has a more "lifelike" appearance. However, this is (as always) a matter of preference.

There is a reality that some samples (due to size, moisture, etc.) will get a little "droopy" over time. A specimen that starts out angled slightly upward will end up flat; one that starts out flat may end up with the wings dropped below the horizontal, which may look slightly less "lifelike".

Angled plastazote spreading boards come in the following six sizes:

30 x 4cm, groove 4mm.

30 x 6cm, groove 6mm.

30 x 8cm, groove 8mm.

30 x 10cm, groove 10mm.

30 x 12cm, groove 12mm.

30 x 14cm, groove 14mm.