Kabourek, Black Enamel, Gold-Headed insect Pins

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From the Czech Republic.

One of the lesser-known but excellent pins.  Give them a try!  They may turn out to be your new go-to.

Black Enamel, available in all sizes from 000 to 7.  With gold-coloured heads.

Stainless steel pins are better for humid environments; this is a higher quality pin (which also means these are more expensive pins - no surprise!).

Gold-headed pins are the most common type of pins.  The heads are visible but not "in your face" visible.  These are excellent pins for a wide variety of specimens.

100 pins/package.

Size 000: diameter 0.25mm, length ca. 39mm.

Size 00: diameter 0.30mm, length ca. 39mm.

Size 0: diameter 0.35mm, length ca. 39mm.

Size 1:  diameter 0.40mm, length ca. 39mm.

Size 2:  diameter 0.45mm, length ca. 39mm.

Size 3:  diameter 0.50mm, length ca. 39mm.

Size 4:  diameter 0.55mm, length ca. 39mm. 

Size 5:  diameter 0.60mm, length ca. 39mm. 

Size 6:  diameter 0.65mm, length ca. 39 mm.

Size 7:  diameter 0.70mm, length ca. 52 mm.

Size 7 pins are sometimes referred to as "railway spikes" because of their rather impressive size. They can be slightly more expensive than the little guys, depending on the supplier.
A word of caution: some display and storage cases may not accommodate the extra length of these "spikes". Most notably, size 7 pins are too long to fit California Academy drawers.